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The Cisco 8540 Wireless Controller provides centralized control, management, and troubleshooting for high-scale deployments in service provider and large campus deployments. It offers flexibility to support multiple deployment modes in the same controller: for example, centralized mode for campus, Cisco FlexConnect™ mode for lean branches managed over the WAN, and mesh (bridge) mode for deployments where full Ethernet cabling is unavailable. As a component of the Cisco Unified Wireless Network, this controller provides real-time communications between Cisco Aironet® access points and Cisco Catalyst® access points, the Cisco Prime® Infrastructure, and the Cisco Mobility Services Engine, and is interoperable with other Cisco controllers.


Cisco Security Manager provides scalable and centralized network operations workflow management. It integrates a powerful suite of capabilities; including policy and object management, event management, reporting, and troubleshooting for Cisco ASA firewall functions when utilizing Cisco Firepower Management Center.

Access point

Cisco Enterprise Networking SVP/GM Scott Harrell laid out the need for the modern access network to deliver an unplugged and uninterrupted experience for all users and devices. This is necessary for the wireless-first, cloud-driven and data optimized world we live in. Today we are introducing our newest products to meet that need: the Cisco Catalyst 9600 switch, Cisco Catalyst 9100 and Cisco Meraki MR 45/55 access points, and the OpenRoaming partnership to make Wi-Fi onboarding much simpler.

Video conference

Each month 130 million professionals rely on Webex to collaborate and to move projects forward faster. And teams work with anyone from a browser, mobile, or video device. Webex Meetings offers integrated audio, video, and content sharing with highly secure web meetings from the cloud.


The new Catalyst 9600 modular core switch addresses the demands of Wi-Fi 6, mGig speeds, and security in a cloud-driven world. We’re taking the innovation that we did on Catalyst 6000 and extending the same way of working in routing and software-defined WAN across the entire portfolio, including software and services. This switch will serve as a foundation for the next generation of multi-domain, Intent Based Networks, and will allow customers to create a wireless-first network built as a single fabric for wired and wireless.


Cisco’s routing solutions, with integrated software and hardware, offer bandwidth optimization, application acceleration, and intelligent caching. Achieve application high availability by monitoring path performance, and apply that intelligence to select the best path for a given application. You can efficiently load-balance across paths to deliver on application-level Service-Level Agreements (SLAs).With an application-aware WAN, you can deploy business-intent policies across the entire network, with no probes or additional hardware.

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