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Overview :

PACE EDGE TECHNOLOGIES  is a partnership firm, founded in year 2014 by IT professionals which was with the intention of imparting technology skills in the field of information technology to graduates thereby making the skilled manpower available to the industry.

In today’s data driven ecosystem, organizations need to have connectivity as an intranet and connectivity with ecosystem partners (extranet) which necessitates their IT department to deploy network devices such as Internet firewalls, switching, routing etc and need expert certified individuals to manage those systems.

Pace Edge has been formed with the intention of skilling the technology graduates with industry specific training so that employment opportunities are captured with a win-win situation for both the employers and employees.

Pace edge in the founding year, collaborated with the expert trainers in these technology fields (such as IP telephony, video conferencing, internet security and so on) and established a training centre in Pune by investing in technology devices which further translated into getting involved in Smart City projects being developed by country’s leading real estate developers, especially in residential category.

From year 2017, Pace Edge Technologies, became one of the leading system integrators associated with leading Developers such as Lodha Group, to take up some of the most ambitious projects at Palava, Dombivali, THANE to deploy latest technologies in real estate, to achieve greater value for money, for potential residential buyers in such projects, fulfilling their dreams of quality living at affordable costs.

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